CCBC CAE2Y Application: IA as Multidisciplinary Subject

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3. IA as Multidisciplinary Subject: The academic program demonstrates that IA is treated as a multidisciplinary subject with elements of IA knowledge incorporated into various disciplines.

Overall Point Value: 10 minimum/15 maximum

a. Evidence that IA is taught as modules in existing non-IA courses and that non-technical/non-IA students are being introduced to IA (For example: Non-technical/non-IA students are being introduced to IA concepts; e.g. business courses teaching Information Security modules, health courses HIPAA regulations)

Point Value: 5 points

The following CCBC courses contain a section on information security:

b. Evidence IA programs (certificate and/or degree programs) require non-technical courses of study; e.g. ethics, policy, and business.

Point Value: 5 points

All A.A.S. graduates are required to complete 21-23 hours of General Education courses. In addition, all Security degree and certificate-seeking students are encouraged to take PHIL 250: Ethical Issues in Information Technology.

c. Availability of non-credit/credit professional development courses in IA (e.g. First responders, K-12 teachers)

Point Value: 5 points

The School of Continuing Education and Economic Development (CEED) offers non-credit courses for information technology professionals.

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