CCBC CAE2Y Application: IA Faculty

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5. IA Faculty: Faculty assigned specifically to teach and/or develop IA courses/curricula/modules.

Overall Point Value: 11 minimum/15 maximum

a. Identify by name faculty member with overall responsibility for the IA instructional program. Provide evidence, i.e. verification letter and/or job description.

Point Value: 5 points (required)

Casey W. O'Brien has overall responsibility for the Security program as part of his responsibilities as the Director of the new CCBC Institute for Cyber Security. Mr. O'Brien has been with the program from its inception in 2004, and started the program while teaching as an Assistant Professor in the Network Technology department.

b. Identify by name additional IA faculty members teaching IA courses within the department that sponsors IA programs.

Point Value: 1 pt per name/up to 5 maximum

  • Casey W. O'Brien, Network Technology
  • Michele Clements, Computer Information Systems
  • Nedu Irrechukwu, Network Technology
  • Carl Owens, Network Technology
  • Justin Wray, Network Technology

c. Provide evidence in the form of curriculum vitae supporting the faculty memberís qualifications to teach IA. At least one IA faculty member will be expected to be professionally certified with at least one of the IA certifications listed under DOD Directive 8570, such as CISSP, CPP, CISA, CISM, GIAC, etc. or a minimum of 9 hrs of graduate coursework and/or appropriate experience in a related field could be considered in lieu of a professional certification. Note: Can be same individual as 5a.

Point Value: 5 points (required)

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