CCBC CAE2Y Application

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The CCBC Institute for Cyber Security (ICS) is a national community college leader in information security education, curriculum development, faculty training, and cyber defense exercise design and delivery. The Institute works to foster and create opportunities for interdisciplinary activities, continues to develop and support both credit and continuing education academic programs, facilitates efforts to obtain extramural funding, and serves as a link between the academic and professional communities.

ICS Business Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide the necessary resources and motivation to enable community college students to become effective professionals in the ever-increasing cyber-enabled economy
  • Assist students in job placement and career planning
  • Improve the cyber security posture of the Institute so its constituents can fully benefit from the ongoing cyber revolution
  • Leverage current activities and resources among existing funded projects (e.g., CyberWatch) in support of the Institute’s mission
  • Build relationships and enter partnerships with other institutions of higher education, government organizations, and the business community to facilitate solutions to the growing need for a qualified IA workforce
  • Raise awareness for security issues within CCBC and the community 


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